Hello Everyone,

Welcome to part 1 of the first newsletter of 2018! It’s a long one with tons of important information so be sure to read to the end.
First, please let me introduce myself: I’m Carolyne Buchanan and I’m Artsy Happenings e-newsletter’s new editor. I am thrilled to be a member of Arts Carleton Place and to help you promote your amazing art! 
So, let’s get started:

(To keep you in the know)
First the great news! Arts Carleton Place had a successful 2017. We gave back to the community as a whole, and are in great financial shape.
Now, the good news. Sometimes what appears to be a setback is just an opportunity to adjust and adapt and set the stage for new growth and development. Low attendance at the Annual General Meeting (due to the snow) meant that the key positions of Secretary, Vice-President and Media Relations Coordinator remain vacant. 
Here’s the adjust and adapt part: Going forward, a small committee of people will share the responsibilities of the vacant Board positions and work together to produce our annual shows and assure a strong presence in our community. 
Recruiting people with different skill sets and abilities to sit on our board will remain a top priority. Dedicated ACP members will continue to work hard to find dedicated individuals to fill these positions by next year. We are planning a special members-only BBQ meeting on June 10th to encourage more members to come forward. I know, in the mid-January cold, June sounds far away but doesn’t a BBQ sound good? Don’t forget to mark your calendar!
Currently, the positions on the Board are as follows:
President (interim) – Mark Piper
Vice President – Vacant
Past President – Ina Jackson
Social Media – Ashley Stufko
Education/Workshops – Robert Marleau
Art-in-Public-Places – Lee Thirlwall
Bursary Program – Lee Thirlwall and Strachan Johnson
Media Relations – Vacant
Spring Show Co-ordinator – To be handled by committee
Fall Show Co-ordinator – Suzanne Deschênes
Ad Hoc Members:
Newsletter – Carolyne Buchanan
Memberships – Anne Forsythe

Now, the call to members who have shows, vernissages, classes to offer, performances or any other noteworthy event(s) in February, March or April that they would like to share with our members and patrons. 
Submissions for the month of February, and up to March 7th will be publicized in full:

       in the upcoming e-newsletter (mailed out January 28th);

       in the Calendar of Events on the Arts Carleton Place Website and;

       on our Facebook page. 

Please note that items scheduled for later dates (March 8th to April 30th) will be noted under our new section: “Mark Your Calendar.” This column was created to give our wonderful patrons ample lead-time to support your event. These same entries will appear in full in the corresponding e-newsletter months. See the attached “Notice of event example” for more information.
Doing a show in Toronto or Vancouver? 
Let us know! We have many members and patrons with family and friends in other cities so send us the information you would like included in our newsletter.
To submit your event, please fill in the attached form “Notice of event” and submit it to me by January 26th, 2018.  The e-newsletter will go out on January 29th in order to promote events taking place earlier in the month. Remember, there is a “Notice of event example” attached for your information.


Yes, it’s that time of the year again, Membership renewals are now due. The Board of the Arts Carleton Place Association modified it’s membership year (in 2016) to have all memberships expire on December 31st of each year. 
To renew your membership, you can download the attached revised form or complete one at Surrounding Memories at, 77 Bridge Street, Carleton Place.
Want to help promote art? Do you know someone who would benefit from being a member of our wonderful organisation? Why not pass this e-mail on and help make our world a “more artsy” place? (Yes, I meant to do that – get it, artsy e-newsletter?)
Should you have any questions regarding membership, please contact Suzanne at: smdeschenes1951@gmail.com.


WE NEED VOLUNTEERS – we really do:
Is volunteering one of your New Year’s resolutions? Get a head start on keeping this one and volunteer today to help out at the Spring 2018 Fine Art Show. 
Volunteers are needed to take care of lawn signage and the posting of flyers and postcards.
No special skills necessary, you just need to commit an hour, or two, or three or whatever you can. We’ll take it! 
Contact Suzanne Deschênes at: smdeschenes1951@gmail.com to become a volunteer super-hero today! 


Creative Mornings – for a once a month free breakfast and seminar: 
Art Web – for marketing ideas:


Well, that’s all I have for now. I look forward to receiving and posting information about your upcoming events. If you have any contributions, questions or comments regarding the newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Carolyne Buchanan 

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”   -Thomas Merton